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The Secret of Change

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It took longer than it should have for me to see the beauty of this Socrates quote, “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

If that is the secret of change, I think most of my life was spent on fighting the old habits. Especially, when it came to losing weight. I always felt deprived when I tried to diet.  Then the negative thinking would kick-in and I would start to call myself names. Awful names I would never call someone else.

Even though I knew what I “should” be doing, I always fought myself. The thoughts ran through my mind all day long. Why can’t I eat like everyone else does? Look at what they are eating? It’s not fair that I gain weight so easily. I can’t do this. Nothing ever works.

Even days after having my Sleeve Surgery those old thoughts started to creep in. The food, oh how I missed the food. I knew the rest of the world was out there eating like they always had, but I wasn’t able to anymore. Even though I had worked so hard and long to have weight loss surgery, the thoughts came rushing in like a flood.

Ever hear that old saying, “Where ever I went, there I was?” No matter, how hard I tried to do the right thing, I always found myself fighting the same old thoughts.

Then one morning I woke up and began to think differently. I wish I remembered what I had read that triggered the change. But, I made a conscious decision to change the way I was looking at my situation.  I decided to stop fighting myself and to embrace a new way of thinking.

It seems miraculous now, the struggle finally stopped. I was free from the thoughts and feelings I held onto for so long.  It was like stepping out of a shadow that I had purposely kept close.

I gave myself permission to become the person I was supposed to be. I was done keeping myself in a little box on the shelf, waiting for the perfect time to open it.

After having weight loss surgery, we are given a new opportunity to live our lives in a new way. Don’t bring your old baggage with you. It’s like moving into a new home. We don’t pack up all the old useless stuff and bring it into our new home. We get rid of the old crap (sorry for being so blunt).

So what is the secret of change? Let go of the old habits.  They never, ever did anything good for you. Find new ways to enjoy the moment you are in. Don’t focus on how it use to be or what you are missing. Focus on the new you. Create the new habits that will take you where you have always wanted go.

Don’t wait for the perfect time. Make it happen right now – embrace the real you. You are a special gift to the world and have so much to offer. Celebrate the person you are today, the new you.

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