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 Love, love, love this quote. It sums everything up in one sentence. Being grateful for the progress we have made while being excited about what the future holds. Losing 173 lbs has changed my life for the better in every way. As I continue on this journey, I can’t wait to see how much better things are going to get. I have 51 more pounds to go. It is very exciting! (UPDATE: I have met my goal and lost a total of 226 pounds. I wrote a book, am a contributor to the Huffington Post and am coaching bariatric patients. My whole life has changed! You can change yours too!!)

When things seem tough and we are tired, it’s easy to wonder if everything we have done is worth it. I’m here to say, “YES, IT IS!” You are capable of doing whatever you put your mind to. Stay on course even when you have doubts. Don’t quit, your goal is waiting for you to arrive.

Ladies in Weighting Motivation

When working to take our life back, it is important to switch our hold patterns with new healthy habits. I love this quote.

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Take that first step. Great things await.

Change Starts Better


This is how we stay on track. Remember the WHY of what you are doing and don’t give in to the impulses that move you away from it.

What Do You Want The Most?

We are the sum of all our habits. The tighter we hold on to the old ways of doing things, the more we will stay the same. Only by letting go of those behaviors, do we allow ourselves the freedom to change.

When I Let GoWhat I Am,I BecomeWhat I Might Be.

This is more than positive thinking, this is our reality. If we question how far we can go in reaching our goals, we have already sold ourselves short. Believe in yourself, know that you can be and do whatever you choose. Give yourself permission to reach high and far with confidence. Know that you can do it. Become the person you are meant to be. The world is waiting for you!

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It’s fun to imagine our future self. A year ago I didn’t think I had much of a future left. Today it’s the complete opposite. But, the interesting thing about it is; I originally started to think about weight loss surgery back in April of 2014. A lot went on between then and now. So, I know today’s actions are indeed affecting the future me! What can you do today, that your future self would be happy about?

Weight Loss Surgery Motivation

We are not perfect. The important thing to remember is not to give-up. Just, get-up!



We must know exactly what we want to achieve and be excited about it. Feel like you are already there!


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