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Momentum is a powerful force.

When you use momentum to reach your goals, you can become unstoppable. It’s the same force that jet planes use to become airborne. Ever been on a plane or watch one speed down the runway? It starts slowly taxiing to the runway. Then, with all the power it has, it starts speeding faster and faster, until it lifts off the ground and climbs into the sky. It really is amazing to see.

Momentum is actually a scientific formula and it’s something you can use to reach your goals. You probably don’t usually compare yourself to an airplane. (At least, I hope you don’t.) But, the same principle that lifts those behemoth objects into the sky, also applies to us in our everyday lives.

Using momentum in your life is about becoming action-oriented. Once you begin the process of working toward a goal, you do not stop until it’s achieved.  I spent years not being action-oriented. It made my life unbearable. Once I started using momentum again, it has been incredible to see the changes.

Think about how you may have used momentum without even thinking about it. For a lot of us, the first sign of momentum was thinking about having bariatric surgery. But, then we had to see a doctor, the nutritionist, a psychologist, special testing, insurance approval, and who knows what else, just to schedule the surgery. Probably some of the biggest hurdles we ever had to jump through. Or, maybe some of you are going through it now.


We knew what we wanted, to be healthy and fit. With everything that those words mean to each of us, it is a big goal. But, we worked at it every day, until we got there. Welcome to the force of momentum.

If at any point you decided that it wasn’t worth the effort and quit, you would still be in the same old situation you were in before. That is why we can not quit, once we have started to take action. We must continue with the momentum until we reach our goal. Because, for a lot of us, it is a matter of life or (I prefer not to use the D-word).

Getting to surgery was one goal, but as you know, it doesn’t end there. Really, life is a series of goals. We use momentum to lift us to new heights and then set another goal to bring us even higher. That is how an action-oriented life is lived. That is how we realize our hopes and dreams. That is how we become who we are meant to be.

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