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Goals – My Rewarding Solution

Most of us have heard of SMART Goals. Then Brendon Burchard introduced DUMB Goals. All I know is whatever method or goal you choose, it must “move” you to take action every day?

I find it easier to accomplish one goal that is super exciting than to focus on too many goals that become overwhelming. You have to be so focused on achieving the goal that nothing will stop you from reaching it.

  • Start by writing your one major goal down on paper and date it six months to one year from today. (example: It is June 27, 2017, and I am happy, healthy and weigh 140 pounds or I am a size ?)
  • To stay excited about your goal, write down all the rewards you will receive by achieving it.
  • Visualize the rewards in detail, with all of your senses. How do you feel, What are you wearing, What do you see, What are you hearing, What scents are in the air. What are you doing? Picture yourself in that detailed scene. Get the feeling deep inside, that you have already achieved your goal. You can even create a vision board to help keep you focused on the rewards.
  • Use affirmations to stay focused. I wrote a whole article about that.  You can read it here Affirmations – Your Personal Computer Program .
  • Once you are excited about the goal it’s time to break it down into monthly, weekly and daily goals. That gives you the plan to achieve your goal. And, by using the momentum of achieving smaller goals, your confidence will increase during your journey. While giving you more to celebrate along the way.
  • Keep your goal statement with you wherever you go. Read it out loud when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. If you can, say your goal more often during the day. The more you say it, the more exciting the process becomes.
  • One thing to remember and this is big, don’t expect perfection. There may be times when we stray from our plan. When that happens, acknowledge the situation, figure out why it happened, and make a course correction. Use it as a learning experience not a character flaw. Just get back to the basics and move forward.

When you believe achieving your goals is possible, you become invincible. Expect total success and you will have total success.

Here is a Goal Setting Worksheet you can use to help create your perfect goal.

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