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  Boring Goal vs. The Big Why

One of the most significant traits of successful people is that they constantly move in the direction of their goal. Once they decide that something is important, they immediately take action. And, they don’t stop until they’ve accomplished what they determined was important.

They may not always get there the way they planned. But, they are flexible to learning along the way and discovering what works. The tenacity to achieve their goal creates their success.

That kind of achievement comes from being emotionally attached to their goal. Some people call it the Big Why. The Big Why gives them a passion for doing whatever it takes to accomplish their goal.

That kind of passion doesn’t come from a boring goal with no emotional backing. For example, saying I want to lose 120 pounds is boring. How easily could you be distracted from achieving that goal? Will food in the lunchroom distract you? How about food at family gatherings? What about being disappointed with the scale?

The driving force I’m talking about is something more personal, something that lights a burning desire to reach your goal, no matter what pops up. It has to be something so important that you would not be swayed by food in the lunchroom or family gatherings. 

Very few people ever take the time to discover their Big Why. 

Without a Big Why, they never truly tap into their driving force. That’s why so many people live complacent lives, accepting mediocrity and frustration instead of pursuing something that makes them come alive.

Now that you know about this, it’s time to get clear on what you want and why you want it.

What do you really want in your life? We’re not talking about your goal, but rather, things you would like to “have” in your life. Think about things you would like to experience, what kinds of relationships would you like to have, is a new career in your future, and/or is there something special you would like to buy? Make a list with all your hopes and dreams. After writing down each statement, explain why it’s important to you. What would it mean for you to have that in your life? 

The reason for this exercise is to find your driving force, that burning desire to accomplish your goal. It sure is a lot more exciting than saying, I want to lose 120 pounds. Isn’t it?

Don’t wait to ignite that spark waiting inside you. Do this right now. You owe that to yourself and your future.

Remember – Believe In Yourself, Keep Your Vision Alive, and Take Action Every Day.

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