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Are You Freezing After Bariatric Surgery

I have been FREEZING. This is my first winter since having bariatric surgery last April.  I use to walk around all winter without a coat due to the extra padding I carried around. Most people refer to it as “fat” but in the winter I called it “insulation.”

So far, I have lost 171 pounds. That’s a lot of insulation gone. Don’t get me wrong. I am thrilled to have said “good-bye” to all that weight. I just wasn’t prepared for how cold I would be. Really the word “cold” doesn’t define how I feel. So, I’ll say it again, I’m FREEZING.

To give you an idea of how cold I am, this is what I’m wearing around the house right now:

  • long sleeved turtleneck
  • regular sweatshirt
  • hooded sweatshirt
  • micro fleece jacket
  • two pairs of sweat pants
  • wool socks
  • winter lined slippers.

Plus, my thermostat is set to 68 degrees and I’M STILL FREEZING! Really, at this point I don’t even look like I’ve lost weight. There is, at least, an additional two inches of clothing on me.

It appears that freezing after bariatric surgery is pretty common. According to Dr. Alvarez at, the number one side effect from his patients, are people complaining about being cold after weight loss surgery. He explains that this is caused by the loss of “subcutaneous fat” which is found right under the skin layer.

As we gained weight, this fat layer increased, giving us the extra insulation that kept us warmer. Now that we have lost weight, it naturally has decreased making us feel like we are freezing.

On the bright side, that means this summer I’ll be feeling a lot less hot and sweating. I can get use to that. So for now, I’ll pile on the clothes and continue my weight loss journey knowing this summer will be glorious.

How have you been feeling this winter? Share in the comments below.

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