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Food Temptation

Food Temptation Where You Would Least Expect It

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED TO ME IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM LAST NIGHT. Thankfully, it was nothing to worry about, just a long frustrating night. But, one of the highlights ended up with me sitting in the waiting room, right in front of the vending machines. Um Hmm. There was this lovely, little, yellow package staring at me, winking at me, it was – Peanut M&Ms. We had a long history together. Sort of like childhood sweethearts. ; )

It was one of those stressful times when “the ever so helpful – M&M” just wanted to comfort me. You know how it is. It really just wanted to help soothe my nerves, such a thoughtful M&M. I really don’t know how long I sat there staring at it, through the glass, wooing me. I just hope it wasn’t obvious to anyone else in the room. Using mental telepathy, I told the M&M that I wasn’t that kind of girl anymore. I appreciated its concern, but I just couldn’t have a “one-night” stand. I wouldn’t feel right about it in the morning.

Truth be told I was very, very weak at that moment. I think the only reason I didn’t get up and get them was because I didn’t want to be the “big girl in my head” at the vending machine getting candy. For once, the negative self-talk actually helped me. Who would have thought?

Those sneaky food temptations can find us anywhere. We must always be prepared for that chance encounter. When you are least expecting anything, it will show up. Then, it is totally up to you, to be on your best behavior.

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  1. penny wilson

    this helped me so much, thank you.

    1. Beth Bianca

      Hi Penny, I’m glad you found it helpful!

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