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Failure – The Big Lie That Steals Our Joy

I do not believe that anyone is a failure or has failures. I believe any setback is an opportunity to learn and grow from. If you have had issues reaching your goal or with weight gain, you have learned exactly what NOT to do. You are not a failure.

Look at your behaviors, change your actions and move forward. The longer we stay in an unhealthy behavior the more likely it will develop into an unhealthy habit. Once that habit forms you have just created a bigger setback to recover from. But, even that is not a failure.

I think that most of us know that our surgery is a “tool.” It helps us to lose weight and gives us an opportunity to overcome the life-long issues we have had with food. However, there is a second part, which is knowing how to use the “tool” correctly for the rest of our lives.

It all starts with how you think about your post-surgery life. Is it an opportunity for you to create a new healthy lifestyle or is it an experience of deprivation?  If you try to test your “tool” to see how much you can get away with, your long-term success may be a bumpy ride. That is why I recommend staying focused on changing your food habits during the first six months after surgery. While your “tool” is new, you cannot indulge in your old behaviors, at least, not easily. Use that time to make permanent changes with how you relate to food.

If you have had success with your “tool” and have gained weight back, there is good news. You still have the “tool” that initially helped you to lose your weight. It’s time to get back to the “bariatric basics” and work on changing your behaviors. You are not a failure, you just need a course correction. If you make a wrong turn when driving somewhere, do you give up getting to your destination? No, you turn around and get back on the correct road. Have the same attitude when dealing with setbacks.

Large weight gains do not occur overnight. It takes effort to gain weight and it takes effort to lose weight. The difference is which “effort” feels like “work” to you. It all comes back to your thoughts and behaviors. If you look at staying with the “bariatric basics” as hard work and eating unhealthy foods as easy, you know the reason for your weight gain.  So, I have to ask, are you really enjoying the unhealthy food choices? Is it worth the weight gain? Only you can answer that question.

When you make the choice to change the way you think about food, you make the choice to change your behavior, which then creates a life where healthy decisions become more natural.

All the hard work starts inside with the way you think. You reap the results of your thinking, whether it’s good or bad, in your outer life. It’s pretty simple when you “think” about it that way. The choice is all yours and your choices will create your reality.  Choose wisely.

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