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Our Bariatric Journey Is Much More Than What We Eat.

  • Our “mind games”need to be conquered in order to create new, healthy habits.

  • Beth Bianca believes that our surgery is a “tool” and that long-term success is accomplished through dedicated behavior changes.

  • If you are ready to change your thinking and win the “mind games” of your journey, it’s time to work with Beth.

  • Your positive actions will create success in your life.

 “I help bariatric patients transform their lives from simply existing to fully living.”

coachingI know how it is to be a bariatric patient because I am one too. Severe health issues brought my life to a standstill. After having VSG surgery, everything completely changed; and I have lost a total of 226 pounds. Now I want to help others with the lessons I have learned.

Beth Bianca is the author of Mindset Breakthrough: Achieve Weight-Loss Surgery Success, founder of and a Huffington Post Contributor. She is a Certified Life Coach and  NESTA Certified, Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist.




1 to 1 weekly 40-minute calls with Beth Bianca.  Plus, stay focused on your Coaching Goals through our email accountability system. If you have a question between calls, no problem, Beth is just an email away and ready to help.

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Learn A Simple Formula for Breaking Harmful Food Habits Within 90 Days, So You Can Live a Long, Happy, Active Life, Without the Worry of Regain.



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