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Believe You Can

When you are working toward a goal, you do not need to know every step of the way to achieve it. You just have to believe that you can get there, and take the first step.

There is an analogy that I like, about driving a car, on a dark road, at night.  You get in the car, turn on the headlights and start toward your destination. As you drive down the dark street, all you can see is the road directly in front of you. The only part visible is what’s illuminated by your headlights. But, as you keep driving, the next stretch of the road appears and then the next. You eventually reach your destination by only seeing a small patch of the road at a time.

Just think about this scenario. What if you got in the car, turned on the headlights, headed out onto the road and then freaked out. And then, you started to think, “Oh no, what did I do? I can’t see anything. How am I supposed to do this? I can’t do this.” Sounds a bit goofy doesn’t it? But, all too often, that is what we do in other parts of our lives.

Believe You CanWhen we can’t see all the pieces of the puzzle, we get nervous and frightened and think that we can’t do it. All the “what if(s)” jump into our head, and that makes us afraid to take the next step. I found myself in that scenario last week. I was preparing to launch a private Facebook Group and became very nervous about all the things that could go wrong. I knew that I had to do it, but I was pushing through a fear of the unknown. I even posted about it on my Facebook page and received a very supportive reply. It helped to know that I wasn’t alone.

The group did get started yesterday and we had a great first day. I still don’t know all the steps that I will be taking along this path. But, I do know that the options will appear as I keep taking each step further.

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from reaching your goals. Just BELIEVE you can, and you are half-way there. Continue to BELIEVE you can, and you will reach the destination.

Remember – Believe in Yourself, Keep Your Vision Alive and Take Action Every Day!

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